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Trading Systems

The market is one of the most complex mechanisms in the world. Trading it is difficult. Trading without a strategy is hopeless. To trade the biggest market in the world, forex, you need an 'edge'.

What is your trading edge? If you do not know the answer to this question, chances are, you may not have one. Without it, your success would be based purely on luck.

I believe in a well-researched trading approach combining self-discipline, systems and strategies based on thorough mathematical analyses. Without these, it would be almost impossible to trade profitably.

Personally, I prefer to trade weekly for less emotional trading. Here's where I discuss my trading and my trading method.

Currency Pairs

With the multitude of currency pairs out there, it can be quite confusing to know which ones to trade. Here are the currency pairs I trade...

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Trading Objectives

What are your trading objectives? What do you look for in a trading method? As a trader or investor, we all have our objectives. Here are mine...

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The best traders in the world believe that to succeed in trading, you need to have a trading system that suits you.

Learn how to develop your own trading methodology to trade the foreign exchange market.


1. Individuals who do not know anything about trading, forex, shares, futures or options;
2. Individuals who are already trading other markets and other asset types like shares, futures and options;
3. Individuals who want to start trading the foreign exchange (forex) market;
4. Individuals who are looking for a business opportunity that can be done at home full-time or part-time;
5.Intermediate-level traders who are seeking ways to improve their trading methodology;
6. Advanced traders doing their research and
7. Those who may just be interested in forex or trading and investing in general.


1. To explain everything you need to know before you start trading
2. To warn you of the common pitfalls of trading
3. To accelerate your education
4. To help you develop your own trading methodology


"Your book is extremely well written. I have now read many and it shows all others to be amateur in comparison. It is the inspiration for me entering the profession with confidence after previously coming to the conclusion that Forex is nothing but a gamble."

- K. MacGregor, NSW, Australia.

"This book is very usefull for anyone wishing to learn how to trade in the forex market. The suggestions were presented clearly and in a manner that was very understandable. I personally have started using some of the suggestions outlined in the book with some success. "

-G. Gorton.