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List of Brokers

I browse the websites of many brokers. Sometimes, I trial them out. I scribble my notes everywhere. Months or years later, I forget their names and forget what I liked, and did not like, about each one.

I will mark the ones I really like with an asterisks (***) and I will identify the reasons why within the article.

I will not be able to go trial all these brokers so if you personally have a comment or feedback regarding any of these brokers, please post a comment.

IG Index
Meridian Commodity Corporation
IG Index Australia
CMC Markets
Newhall Discount Futures and Options
Anspacher & Associates
Carr Futures
World Link Futures
Global Forex Trading
Trendex Commodity Corporation
Saxo Bank
Professional Services Division of RCG, LLC
Commodity Shop
LFG, division of Refco, Inc.
Gibraltar Futures Trading
Allendale Inc.
FX Solutions LLC
TFS Telecom
Hi-Tech Futures Trading Inc.
Oanda, FXTrade***
Beall Investment Services
Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc.
Aurex Management and Investment AG
The CGD Group
Olam Online
Essex Futures
West Wind Financial
Kis Futures Trading
Halewood International Futures Ltd.
GFS Forex & Futures, Inc
Smart Futures
Absolute Futures
Redlands Futures and Options
Insignia Futures and Options
4-Paragon Investments Inc.
ACM Advanced Currency Markets SA
Heritage West Futures, Inc.
U.S. Commodities Group
GCI Financial Ltd
Velocity Futures, L.P.
David Hall Commodities
U. S. Commodities, Inc.
Worth Trading Associates, Ltd
IFX Markets
King Commodities
Open E Cry
Bell Commodities
Bohl and Associates
Spectron Group
Eagle Market Makers, Inc
Phibro Inc.
Wilshire Investment Management
Alpha Commodities Inc.
Global Trader 247
Hollander and Feuerhaken
Stewart-Peterson Group, Inc
Charting Your Futures
Crossland, LLC
TradeStation Platform
Czarnikow Sugar
Altavest Worldwide Trading, Inc.
Union Securities Ltd.
TRX Futures Limited.
VIP Futures
Sucden (UK) Limited
GLT Direct
Transitions Trading
World Brokerage Services
Nextrade, Inc.
Silver State Trading Company
Brian G. Rice
Plains Commodities
Valley Futures, Inc.
Trade Center
Interbank FX, LLC
System Broker
Man Financial Limited
Synthesis Bank
Slipka Trading Corporation
Lionsgate Futures Group, Inc
Refco Europe
Futures Direct
Baas Commodities
Trader's Edge
Tejas Trading Company
Southwest Futures
United Futures Trading Company
MG Financial Group
Iowa Grain Company
Ascend Trading
Balmac International, Inc.
Louis Dreyfus Corporation
Bridgeton Global Investor Services, Inc
Futures Canada
Liberty Trading Group
One World Capital
Ira Epstein & Company
Traders Network
Buchanan & Company, Inc
eStreet Trading
IFX Corporation
Interactive Brokers, LLC.
Columbia Futures Group, Inc.
Excel Futures
Castle Trading Company
Grain Field Commodities
Cannon Trading Company Inc.
Brewer Investment Group, Inc
Mercury Capital Management
The Price Futures Group, Inc.
STA Trading Services
A.Packard Trading
Buffalo Trading Group, Inc
Capital Market Services LLC
Dallas Commodity Company, Inc
Fox Investments
Armada Financial Group
First Street Futures
Himawari CX, Inc.
Man Financial
Time Leverage Capital
Atticus Partners
Man International
Barron's Commodity Corp
Lakefront Futures and Options, LLC
Commodity Hedging Company
Advantages In Options
AFS World Wide Brokers
Progressive Futures
Main Street Trading
Byrne Investment Services
Investment Analysis Group
Infinity Brokerage Services
Spike Trading
Anglin Stewart Investment Group
Commodity Investors Group
Glasgow Financial
Swiss Financial Services
Crown Futures Corp.
Alaron Trading Corporation
Daniel Trading Group
Bellfield Internacional Espana S.L
Commodity Resource Corp.
Cytrade Futures, Incorporated
Empire Financial Group
DEC Capital Inc
Axis Trading Company
The Linn Group Inc.
Internet Matrix, LLC
Chadwick Investment Group
The Pixley Group, LLC
Traders Exchange Corporation
Barnebee Trading Group,Inc.
Commodity Research Institute
Providio Trading Consultants, Inc.
A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.
Devo Capital Management, Inc.
Celtic Brokerage Inc.
Capitol Commodity Services, Inc.
First National Futures Group, Inc
American Futures Trading
Great Pacific Trading Company
American Futures and Options Inc.
Capital Trading Associates
ClearTrade Commodities
Klute Investment Services Inc.
APPL International, Inc
Cannon Bridge Corporation Ltd
Oystercatcher Management B.V.
Freeman and Company
Comprehensive Commodity Service
First American Futures, Inc.
Opportunities In Options
Infinity Trading Corp
Roach Ag Marketing Ltd
Frontier Trading Company
Access Futures and Options Trading
Gulf Coast Futures and Options
Growth Financial Trading Services
Barrington Commodity Brokers, Inc.
Grants Pass Futures and Options
Sinta Commodities Service Company
Investment Trading Services, Inc.
Heartland Investor Services Inc.
Great Lakes Trading Company


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