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As we commit to more and more projects, it gets harder to work on other things and occassionally, it pays to pause and assess the results and the effectiveness of each alternative. In my case, I have been involved in a non-profit organisation in the last few years initially as a Secretary and later on, to be its President. These activities do take time - perhaps a little too much time - I could otherwise spend on reading and writing books, blogging and so on. You might have noticed that I have not blogged as frequently.

People who have worked as a committee member may have an idea of the rewards and also the frustrations of working in one. This month, I decided to re-allocate my hours I used to spend on organising and managing Committees to focussing on exploring more ideas, learning more, attend more events and have the chance to write. I am also looking forward to network more with others, see what they're doing and find out if there's a way we can collaborate.

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